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Andy Whyte

Conversations with the world’s best minds in enterprise sales.From its inception as MEDDIC at PTC through to the thousands of enterprise sales organizations that have gone on to embrace it, MEDDPICC as it is often known has remained at the top of the list of methodologies in the world’s greatest sales leaders playbooks.We are honoring those leaders in sales with the creation of the Masters of MEDDICC series. Within the series, we will talk to the world's best enterprise sales leaders and those who have been pivotal in the proliferation of MEDDIC to MEDDICC to MEDDPICC.We are launching the series with a conversation with Keno Helmi who has amassed over 25 years of experience in enterprise sales leadership from PTC and Opsware through to acting as VP Sales and CRO to over 7 leading technology companies.In the following weeks, you can look forward to conversations with leading CRO’s such as Cliff Dorsey of Welcome (formerly known as NewsCred), Travis Patterson CRO at Imply as well as some of the MEDDIC originals such as Dick Dunkel and Jack Napoli.You can learn more about MEDDICC at https://www.meddicc.com .
NEW PODCAST SERIES: Med Men - A recipe for a successful MEDDIC implementation
NEW PODCAST ALERT!Introducing Mad Men.. no wait that’s not right, we mean MED MEN. A brand new podcast bought to you by us, uncovering common questions around MEDDIC.Our first Pilot sees Pim Roelofsen and Andy Whyte discuss the considerations around implementing MEDDIC and how three phases could support a company in becoming a truly world-class sales organisation.In this episode, Pim and Andy discuss;[00:20] Experience in implementing MEDDIC / MEDDICC / MEDDPICC[01:40] The three phases a company should consider prior to implementation[06:52] Building MEDDIC momentum across teams[11:58] Celebrating gaps that sales teams uncover[13:28] Carrying out deal reviews with a wider audience[18:00] What different businesses should consider before implementationIf there’s something you’d like Pim and Andy to discuss in the next episode of MEDMEN, comment below!Who are Pim Roelofsen and Andy Whyte?Pim RoelofsenBorn and raised in the Netherlands, Pim lived in the Dutch Caribbean and London, before making the move back home.Having been involved in tech sales for 10 years, Pim is passionate about MEDDIC and is a big believer that more organizations should adopt the qualification framework for sales and beyond. Pim utilizes this framework as an individual contributor whilst taking a holistic approach across on-scale international implementation.Out of the day-to-day, Pim chairs the Pavilion MEDDIC channel.Andy WhyteThe founder of MEDDICC™ and the author of the five-star rated “MEDDICC’ book, it’s no surprise that Andy has an impressive sales career spanning over 18 years.Andy first started out as a door-to-door, double-glazing salesman where he quickly built up an appetite for sales, hungry for more, he started his B2B career as an SDR, progressing through the ranks to eventually lead the EMEA at Branch before moving on to set up MEDDICC™.Andy used MEDDIC in multiple companies as an individual contributor and sales leader and even implemented MEDDPICC into two SaaS organizations. Known for his mantra “Nobody ever regrets qualifying out” and his passion for the science and art of sales.Away from the day-to-day, Andy practices many skills as a chef, sports coach, taxi, and cleaner in his most important role to date - DAD.https://meddicc.com/meddic
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Masters of MEDDICC - Andy Sadler: 2x CRO, Built 4x revenue teams to over $10bn in exits
We are extremely excited to get our latest episode of Masters of MEDDICC live, with the EMEA hyper-growth specialist Andy Sadler, GM of EMEA at the mega Imply! 🙌In this episode, we dig into Andy's epic career in B2B sales that spans over 20 years and includes 16 quarters at PTC and being part of John McMahon's legendary Bladelogic team.Andy's association with the GOAT's of our industry doesn't stop with John, as he has also worked with revenue leadership titan Mark CranneyA two-time CRO, who has been a part of 4x successful exits that have amassed more than $10bn it is no wonder Andy is the person on Andreessen Horowitz's speed dial when they need a leader to launch EMEA operations for one of their portfolio companies. Andy is a believer in "value-based social selling" and his mantra to success is crystal clear: "focus on the development of staff" and then the results will follow for all, not the other way around! Andy's go-to-market processes have helped boost revenue for his clients and he's left no stone unturned to show up as a great leader driving growth at every company he's built or worked at. In this episode, Andy shares how he believes MEDDIC is a personal phenomenon rather than a company ethos, how over time competition has become more complex so effective strategies are key to surviving and how he hires in order to create successful teams. “…Pick a leader, not a role. If you're going to go into battle you need to pick the right team to be with” Timestamps: [00:06] Introduction to Andy Sadler [00:35] Background on Andy Sadler [04:00] Software startups, distributed teams, and changing locations represent the second C in MEDDIC[05:36] The art of War and evolving strategies [10:11] Human behavior aligns to personal wins [12:38] Understanding Fear and Intelligence in Sales [15:50] The psychology, science, and stigma in Sales [27:30] Why just hire the Sevens & the Nines? [35:20] Frameworks over time and the dynamics of The EB & Influence Line [43:58] Developing and building Champions [45:28] Enabling teams to go to market [47:37] Recruitment and legacy Key Points: - Transparency is key. Establishing yourself as a salesperson earns you the right to continue a conversation openly. - Be confident in yourself, your proposition, and the value that you bring to the table. - While selling, strategy building, and having your facts in place is imperative. You need to have the mentality of stop, learn and then go forward. If you're looking to learn more about the MEDDIC framework and how you can implement it to drive more growth, check out our other videos on the channel.
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MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Lucy Williams-Jones - 21x Presidents Club winner
Today on Masters of MEDDICC, we welcome Lucy Williams-Jones to the show. Lucy has gained over 20 years of sales experience and is a regional director for Datadog, leading a team of enterprise reps in the UK and Ireland. In this episode, Lucy shares her strategy behind recruitment that leans heavily upon MEDDIC. We discuss desired traits in potential prospects and dissect what sets a good salesperson apart from a great one!  “…I know that I am engineered as a salesperson deep down.” Timestamps:[00:08] Introduction to Lucy Williams Jones [02:09] Background on Lucy[07:24] Criteria for working in a new company[08:33] Misconceptions in Meddicc[09:30] Leaving BMC[12:28] The recruiting process  [13:42] Three traits to look for  [18:43] Learned behavior [20:32] Being open vs being desperate [25:21] Measuring success [31:30] Covid diagnosis[34:21] Personal connections and vested interests[35:52] What have you learned going from individual contributor to leader?[42:22] Underlying talent in addition to MEDDIC[45:05] What is the most important part of MEDDIC[54:54] Using your champion[56:36] Overview of PRV process Key Points:- Three traits to look for when recruiting potential salespeople1. Coachability 2, High EQ3. Affinity for pipelines generation- Remain open and embrace the sales process. Don’t try to cut corners and have confidence in your ability- To become a great leader, one must put themselves in the salesperson shoes, set a scene early in the playbook, and be strong during the discovery stage - Those most elite salespersons are seen as consultants
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Why every revenue team needs MEDDIC as a common languageMASTERS OF MEDDICC - Eric Marterella - 3 Time CRO
This episode centers around the life and thinking behind Eric Marterella, Chief Revenue Officer at GTM Hub. In the episode, Marterella is asked a series of questions that helps the viewer gain insight into his character, viewpoints, and work ethic- further helping him come across as a very genuine and honest person. The podcast covers a wide range of topics such as: family life, current global events, the work of the company, and where Marterella feels he fits into this as well as his own personal views on what it means to be an “authentic” person.(0:46-2:38) One of the first things that is easily noticed from the very beginning of the episode is the candid nature behind Eric Marterella. He speaks of being a family-driven man, being a father of four, and how this is the driving force behind his work ethic. Marterella also mentions starting his journey into the workforce from the early age of 15 and how this has helped him gain experience in his field. From the get-go, the viewer can observe Marterella as a very family-driven man who cares deeply about his career and home life equally.(3:53-6:24) As the episode progresses, the viewer may see a change in the direction of conversation towards current events of the world and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the trade. Marterella speaks of his change in work ethic and how he views his own adaptive mindset. The discussion moves on to talk about how much he values the interpersonal relationships between himself and the people that he works with, whether that is “shaking hands, giving hugs or simply meeting in backyards”. Marterella begins to mention how he feels that this is vital to helping him gain insight into making decisions. This helps the viewer see the importance he feels towards the relationships he has with his clients and how the lack of in-person communication affects his work.(20:59-22:27) Furthermore, the episode begins to take a self-reflective turn with Marterella speaking of his desire to be “authentic” and what his definition of that term is. He outlines his change in perspective from having a very productive mindset that “is only contributing to the machine” towards a more outcome-focused, efficient one. He mentions to the viewer that he has become more conscious about how he is contributing to the discussion and ensuring that when he does speak on a matter that what he says will be something valuable. This helps the viewer to gain further insight into his personality and viewpoints, showing them that he is an individual with forward-thinking ideas who isn’t afraid to say that he has changed his perspective on a matter (37:40-38:50) As the viewer progresses further into the episode, the conversation drifts to discuss Marterella’s occupation- Three-time Chief Revenue Officer at GTM Hub. He denotes that measuring effectiveness is vital in a fully functioning company and it is more important for a team to remain outcome-focused than to get swept up in minor issues. He also speaks of the difficulties in his line of work with the example that often it is not the selling or managing product but instead the changing and adapting of management. This helps the viewer to see Marterella’s honesty due to how freely he talks of how he overcomes any troubles he faces in his line of work. Despite the difficulties, he speaks fondly of his time being able to give to non-profit organizations furthering the positive view on his character by the viewer.(46:47- 50:24) To end the episode, there is discussion surrounding the theme of opportunity, namely excess of opportunity. Eric speaks of having to combat this over the lockdowns due to the pandemic and that it was a challenge to remain motivated, as well as keeping his teams motivated alongside him. However, he solved these issues by maintaining discipline within his teams to continue to move his deals forwards. https://meddicc.com
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MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Thibaut Ceyrolle - EMEA Founder of Snowflake
Andy talks with the EMEA founder of Snowflake, Thibaut Ceyrolle.Andy picks Thibaut’s brain for advice concerning how to find and hire elite sellers. They discuss what made him and Snowflake successful, how to build effective Champion and how to use the Decision Criteria. Key takeaways:(01:02) Thibaut introduces himself and goes into his past in the software industry. While he is also discussing the need to acquire skills in entrepreneurship. Overall, being more hands-on and practical.(08:53) Then Thibaut delves into how one progresses in one’s career and advancing oneself to the next level from the mentorship of a professional, and a change of work atmosphere. Thibaut adopted the mantra of, “words on what I think was right – but in a more structured way.”(14:01) Here Thibaut talks about the importance of practicality and personalization – of adapting processes and frameworks to existing ground floor work being carried out. Being open to change and not just understanding what MEDDPICC is, but practically using it.(17:35) The importance of the individual contributor and of the individual salesperson. Overall adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. Do not be afraid to go to Ikea to buy the furniture for your office. The HR department, business plans, and all the top-level aspects can come later.(21:03) How Thibaut built up his team at Snowflake. The importance of trust within the organization and the motivational factor of trust towards the sales team/person. Thibaut stresses the value of getting Champion Builders and their importance in the sales process overall.(27:08) Here Thibaut elaborates on the significance of trust. And how in many instances, people decide just as much with their heart as with their mind. To sell emotionally, as well as rationally. This segment also goes into hiring Champion Builders who have the right mindset of changing the world. In essence, a disruptor’s mindset is key to elite selling. The salespeople you hire are willing and able to take risks and shake things up.(31:29) The motivational factors of the right mindset for salespeople and specifically Champion and Relationship Builders. Getting retentive business and consistent sales from the same clients is essential. You want disruptive/transformative people – thought leaders.(38:33) How to adapt and reintroduce Decision Criteria to go through. How designing the Decision Criteria to the individual prospective buyer leads to positive outcomes. Here saying "no" to the client and then reworking the Decision Criteria needed to go through if the prospective client misunderstands the solution on offer. This is difficult and is why you need Champion Builders.(41:39) Which Decision Criteria strategies that Snowflake and Thibaut carry out to experience the kind of Unicorn-growth that Snowflake has experienced. Thibaut talks about elite salespeople finding immense value in building a lasting – retentive - relationship with prospective buyers.(46:33) The hiring process at Snowflake, and Thibaut's advice in regard to hiring salespeople. First, Thibaut suggests only utilizing a few recruiters, giving them exclusivity and trust in order to find the right people. Thibaut states, “I will recommend having limited head-hunters. Spend some time with them and ask questions about your business.” If the recruiters you hire do not know your business, company, and industry, then that is a big red flag.(51:13) Thibaut goes into his interview process and what advice he can give here. Thibaut recommends delving into the prospective new salesperson's view on the sales process, and also the future. Meaning their future in the company, their wishes for their personal future, and where they think the company will go. Get people who, “speak with honesty, think with sincerity, and act with integrity.”MEDDIC
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MASTERS OF MEDDICC - John McMahon - The GOAT - Greatest Sales Leader of All Time - 5x CROMASTERS OF MEDDICC - Dick Dunkel - The Inventor of MEDDIC
Today on Masters of MEDDICC, I am joined Dick Dunkel, the creator of MEDDIC. Dick started his sales journey selling books door to door in college while studying civil engineering. His first professional sales job was with Xerox, followed by PTC. PTC would be where he came up with the six elements of MEDDIC. In this episode, Dick shares his experience from how he came up with MEDDIC through to how it has helped him shape his career, along with the tools he learned and carried onto future positions. One topic of particular interest is how Dick is using MEDDPICC at Celonis today to instill a qualification-focused sales process that helps sellers to remain on the right path and to get customer buy-in at every step. “When we lead as sellers, customers will follow”TIMESTAMPS:[00:30] Introduction to Dick Dunkel [02:53] Moving from Xerox to PTC         [04:26] What created a higher accountability environment at PTC?[09:31] The seller’s mindset[09:48] A fair exchange of value[14:32] The very first MEDDIC implementation  [17:41] Developing an intermediate sales training class[21:54] Powerbase selling[22:55] MEDDIC as a wide concept[23:51] The correlation between the fastest-growing companies and how MEDDICC is deployed[28:10] The small wins [30:52] Managing the extra layers  [34:54] Pessimistic salespeople, but not when qualifying out KEY POINTS:1.     Create a high accountability environment by starting at the top and allowing it to trickle down to the sales rep.2.     Develop a fair exchange of value by, for example; singing an NDA in order to implement a free exchange of information3.     Small victories lead to bigger victories; operate by taking small steps and implementing MEDDICC.4.     The MEDDPICC checklist, a checklist you have to accomplish in that stage in order for you to advance. LINKS AND RELATED SOURCES:MEDDICC.com, the number one resource for MEDDIC onlineLearn MEDDPICC with the MEDDPICC Masterclass Watch more episodes and other MEDDIC related content on YouTubeMEDDPICC InstagramMEDDPICC on TwitterMEDDICC on LinkedIn
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What is the correct acronym for MEDDIC? Is it MEDDIC? MEDDICC? MEDDPICC?MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Travis Patterson - 10 Times Enterprise Sales Leader
Episode Summary In this episode of Masters of MEDDICC, Andy talks to Chief Revenue Officer at Imply, Travis Patterson, about hiring, sales, and recruiting. Travis has over 20 years of experience working in enterprise sales, having taken up roles at Opsware, Aviso, SignalFx, IronKey, PTC, BladeLogic, and Mesosphere. Today, we explore what makes a good seller, how Travis goes about finding these sellers, the importance of good leadership, and the emphasis on constantly learning. Key Takeaways “Through the course of your career, you’re trying to over index for learning. I want to learn. I want to be in a situation where you’re not the smartest person in the room.” “It only feels like it was a fun experience after it’s over and you get to read the book, but when you’re in it, it’s a lot of work, stress, and focus.” “Bad people don’t tend to stick together; only good people.” “Part of the pride of you getting to a certain point in your career is that you’ve worked with a lot of good people, and you’ve been able to help people further their career as well.” “We can go recruit all we want, but the really great sales people that we want to hire have to want to work with us.” “Intelligence allows you to be creative. It’s a really important thing that you can’t fix as a leader. If the person you hire doesn’t have it, there’s not much that you’re going to be able to impart.” “If you’re smart and you work hard, but you don’t take feedback, it’s going to be hard to grow in the way that we need you to grow.” “You want a competitive team. Everyone in your team wants to be number one, but they want whoever is in second place to be just $1 behind them.” Learn more about MEDDICC at https://www.meddicc.com .Subscribe, Comment, And Share: Website: https://www.meddicc.com Facebook: MEDDICC Facebook Twitter: MEDDICC Twitter Instagram: MEDDICC Instagram YouTube: MEDDICC YouTube Channel Podcast: MEDDICC Podcast Page Masters of MEDDICC is a show where the world's best sales professionals are interviewed about all things enterprise sales and in particular relating to the MEDDIC framework, including MEDDICC and MEDDPICC.
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MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Cliff Dorsey - 23+ years of enterprise sales leadership experienceMASTERS OF MEDDICC - Keno Helmi - 5x CRO - Enterprise Sales Leader
In the very first episode of Masters of MEDDICC, we are joined by Chief Revenue Officer and former PTC constituent, Keno Helmi. Keno shares his knowledge of sales methodology, enterprise sales process, and leadership, as well as how to arm and educate your champion. With many years of experience under his belt, Keno makes sure to leave no stone left unturned. SEGMENT TIMESTAMPS:(00:10) Intro(00:42) Backstory on Keno Helmi(05:05) Replacing PTC salesforce with other technologies; hypothetical(09:10) Hiring profile(11:59) Remaining engaged(12:58) Change in approach(17:10) Adam Smith, the first economist(20:05) “Rudy” Metaphor(22:17) Champion as an important element of Meddicc(28:30) How to build your champions into understanding mutual wins (32:29) PTC and paper processes (36:45) Playbook similarities to forecast methodology, account plan, and sales process in different companies   (43:25) Head of sales ops, Steven LeBron KEY POINTS:·       Would removing the PTC element out of the sales methodology come with a different result? (05:45)·       How important is it to hire people based on personality vs. those instructed on a specific approach? (09:10)·       The importance of remaining engaged to sell (11:40)·       Meddicc as a correction mechanism (15:50)·       The importance of having a champion (23:47)·       How to come to a mutual understating with your champion (28:33)·       The origins of paper process (32:36)·       The mutual advantages of having an experienced sales op (44:02) Learn more about MEDDICC at https://www.meddicc.com . Masters of MEDDICC is a show where the world's best sales professionals are interviewed about all things enterprise sales and in particular relating to the MEDDIC framework, including MEDDICC and MEDDPICC.
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