Entrepreneurship + Pastoring = Entrepastors w/ Jon Sanders & Les Hughes

The Mike Thakur Show

27-05-2022 • 43 mins

Jon Sanders and Les Hughes are the co-founders of EntrePastors, and co-hosts of the EntrePastors podcast. Jon and Les have come together to empower pastors to maximize their God-given talents to take better care of their families and become better pastors in the process.

EntrePastors helps pastors think, act, and thrive as prosperous entrepreneurs. The goal of EntrePastors is to blow up the model of the starving pastor and build a community of prosperous pastors who can provide well for their families and demonstrate generosity to others.

On this episode we talk about why they're so passionate to help pastors move beyond limiting beliefs and a broken way of doing ministry to  discover how to use their passions and skills to create additional income streams, while remaining faithful to God's calling and purpose for their lives.

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