When Your Bedroom is the Boardroom w/ Melvin Pillay, Former VP of Zig Ziglar International

The Mike Thakur Show

03-05-2022 • 31 mins

Melvin Pillay was born into total poverty amidst Apartheid era South Africa. For years Melvin struggled to the point that his boss secretly allowed him to sleep on the company floor, as long as he was dressed and ready for work before any of the other employees showed up.

A turning point occurred when Melvin discovered a Zig Ziglar cassette tape in the library and dug into it with fervor - he made a vow: “Someday I will meet that man!” He eventually did, and then went to work for Zig eventually becoming Vice President of Zig Ziglar International!

Today Melvin is an investor in real estate and hotel projects, a speaker and business coach, and involved in numerous ministries.

Learn more at https://www.melvinpillay.com.