Fuel for the Future

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“Fuel for the Future” is your journey into automotive history, passion, and innovation. Driven by America’s Automotive Trust and hosted by Michael May, this is the go-to podcast for car enthusiasts, history buffs, tech aficionados, and anyone with a love for the open road. Each episode takes you on a unique exploration of the ever-evolving world of automobiles - from vintage classics that shaped our past to communities of car enthusiasts, and the designs fueling our future. Our stories and interviews feature industry leaders, rising innovators, and car enthusiasts who drive the automotive world forward. “Fuel for the Future” is more than a podcast; it’s a global community united by a shared passion for all things automotive. Start your engines and join us for an exhilarating ride through the captivating timeline of automotive history and innovation. Learn more about America’s Automotive Trust at https://www.americasautomotivetrust.org/ Presented by State Farm Insurance Produced by Convergent Content Theme Music by Matt Glass read less