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[711] From Broke to Investing in 2,700+ Properties (All from a Computer!)

7 Figure Flipping with Bill Allen

23-04-2024 • 55 mins

This guy has done THOUSANDS of houses since his start in 2007.

That’s almost 3X the amount of houses I’ve done.

He was just a broke guy living on his friend’s couch after going through a messy foreclosure.

And he now runs his entire business virtually - everything from flips to multifamily properties.

If you want to know how investors like us analyze properties, find deals, and build businesses, you have to check this out!

Justin Colby knows just how important mentors are for success.

It took him 9 months to get his first deal as a newbie.

Our 7 Figure Runway members go further faster because they have a wealth of knowledge and community to tap into for questions, advice, and opportunities.

Running your own business is more possible than you may think.

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7 Figure Flight School is a COMPLETE walkthrough that shows you EXACTLY what to do to start making money RIGHT NOW flipping and wholesaling houses in YOUR area - no matter where you live! In just 3 months, you’ll get a simple system to start flipping and wholesaling houses... even if you're a beginner!


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