The Journey to Better

Dr. Bill Lombardi

Dr. Bill Lombardi has been one of the highest-volume complex PCI and chronic total occlusion (CTO) operators in the world for over a decade. He's always striving to improve his skills and methods to perform safer and more efficient procedures. It's a journey to better that extends beyond technical and into mental and emotional health. Bill will discuss topics, ideas, and examples with special guests and live audience questions to navigate his journey to better.

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Stephanie Patterson - Lifestyle Medicine
4d ago
Stephanie Patterson - Lifestyle Medicine
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephanie Patterson BSN, RN, dipACLN, who transformed her career as a critical care nurse into a mission for wellness through lifestyle medicine.  Her candid insights reveal the stark realities of burnout in high-stress healthcare roles and the revival of her spirit through embracing a new approach to health. Together, we traverse the emotional landscapes that shape our health choices, from the subtle daily stressors to the life-altering traumas that can redirect our entire existence. It's not just about shedding pounds; it's about the metamorphosis of identity as Stephanie and I discuss the inner work that's crucial for meaningful transformation. The dialogue unfolds like a roadmap, guiding listeners through the importance of self-awareness, confronting fears, and redefining success to unlock genuine fulfillment.As the episode progresses, we advocate for a cultural overhaul within the healthcare realm, promoting a holistic model that marries health coaching with traditional medicine. Stephanie's story is not just a narrative of personal enlightenment; it's a call to action for all caregivers to cultivate deeper connections with themselves and their patients. By the end of our journey, we arrive at the shared understanding that incremental lifestyle adjustments can lead to monumental shifts in health outcomes and personal contentment. Join us as we lay bare the heart and soul of health transformation.
Dr. Bob Foster - Persistence & Protection
Dr. Bob Foster - Persistence & Protection
When the weight of a lead apron threatens to end a career, what does a pioneering cardiologist do?  Dr. Bob Foster, a beacon in the field of cardiology and peripheral intervention, wasn't ready to hang up his stethoscope. Journey with him as he defies the odds, crafting a legacy that intertwines medical innovation with personal triumph over adversity. From his upbringing in hospital corridors to the epiphany that led to a pioneering radiation protection device, Dr. Foster's story is a masterclass in turning challenges into catalysts for change.Navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry requires more than just medical knowledge; it demands courage and creativity. In an episode brimming with ingenuity, we uncover how Dr. Foster's collaboration with an engineer and close friend resulted in Rampart, a revolutionary lead-free radiation protection system. This narrative isn't just about a medical device; it's a testament to the power of teamwork and tireless dedication to patient care, even when faced with personal health battles. The evolution of safety practices in the cath lab—and the skeptics turned advocates along the way—offers a compelling look at how persistence can reshape an entire field.But this isn't solely a tale of professional achievement. At its heart, Dr. Foster's journey is underscored by the resilience born of faith, family, and health. The candid discussion on cultivating compassion in the face of corporatization, the importance of prioritizing patient care over volume, and the call for cultural shifts within medicine, challenges us to consider the broader implications of our work. It's an invitation to champion innovation and collaboration, ensuring those who heal others aren't left behind in the pursuit of progress.