State-Sponsored Conspiracy Podcast


The first ever conspiracy podcast that's officially funded by the U.S. government. Two mysterious disinfo agents discuss the wackiest conspiracies of our time. You might as well get in here, since your tax dollars paid for this.
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Our Editor's Take

The State-Sponsored Conspiracy Podcast is a sardonic show. The show combines politics, humor, and investigations. The show started in 2019 as Investigate Joe Rogan. It took a serious view of the iconoclastic comedian. Rogan was one of the first people to make a successful podcast. He is still at the top of the charts and has both fame and influence. Rogan has a lot to say on his podcast. But in recent years, his immense platform has become somewhat controversial. That's why many people have viewed his show with a more critical eye-like this podcast.

This show spent several years analyzing the Joe Rogan Experience. He also investigated guests like far-right voice Alex Jones and comedian Jimmy Dore. The anonymous host had a dry sense of humor. But after a six-month hiatus, the show decided to dump the JRE recaps. In the State-Sponsored Conspiracy Podcast, the host focuses on being funny. The show's updated conceit is that the US government pays them to debunk conspiracies. The host claims he and his producer are in danger for telling the truth. So they use different fake names each episode, like “Poison Truck” and “Steel Goose.”

The podcast discusses everything from Kanye West's latest kooky comments to the Hollow Earth conspiracy theory. One of the craziest episodes is about the Tartarian Empire. The term Tartaria describes a region in Asia. But it also is the name of a mythical civilization. Conspiracy theorists believe that this ancient empire was behind some 20th-century architecture. Bloomberg calls the Tartarian Empire “the QAnon of Architecture.” The host and his producer joke that the civilization was also behind tartar sauce. They also explain what Tartarian fans believe. State-Sponsored Conspiracy Podcast fans may want to hear what will happen next on this show.

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