Ep. 97 - Do You Feel Like Quitting?

Thriving The Future Podcast

10-09-2023 • 8 mins

Do You Feel Like Quitting?

It's Sept. It's still hot. My Fall garden lettuce and greens will not germinate in this heat. I may run out of growing time before the first frost.

For my wife, Feb and March are the worst times. The horses are covered in mud and it seems like it will never end.

Tips for when you feel like quitting - how to come back?

  • Failure is an option.

  • Embrace the seasons.

  • Take the time.

  • Re-evaluate your goals.

My goals are to grow as much of my own food as possible and to learn and share skills.

Seems like a lot of people quitting homesteading lately. Or redefining it as "farmsteading", "freesteading" or "lifesteading".

So what is a "homesteader"?

Maybe the deciding factor should be: Homesteaders have poison ivy X number of times per year. 😆

I’m going on having poison ivy the 4-5th time, but it’s been a slow year.

A remarkable amount of people arguing lately about who is a homesteader and who is Larping, especially after off grid Guy Alaska posted a pic on Twitter of his native Alaskan wife washing clothes in the creek and it brought out the haters - from people saying that he was Larping, to the feminists who said that his wife was enslaved. ("Larping" is Live Action Role Playing, like those dweebs acting out D&D live in the park, wearing fake Hobbit feet and play fighting with foam rubber swords.)

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