03-07-2023 • 49 mins

In this weeks episode of the Women in Gridiron Show Stacey and Alia dive deep into the fundamentals of football terminology, providing an inside look at the phrases and jargon that rookies might encounter during training sessions. From the basics like "offense" and "defense" to the more complex terms like "audible" and "blitz," no stone is left unturned in this comprehensive exploration.

With their wealth of experience and infectious passion for the sport, Stacey and Alia break down each term, ensuring rookies not only understand what they mean but also grasp their significance on the field. They offer valuable insights, anecdotes, and examples, making the learning process engaging and relatable for listeners of all levels of football knowledge.

But that's not all! Stacey and Alia go beyond just defining terms and also delve into what rookies can expect during the preseason. They discuss the intensity of training sessions, the camaraderie within the team, and the unique challenges rookies may face as they transition from other sports to the beautiful game.

As the episode unfolds, Stacey and Alia's dynamic chemistry and genuine love for the sport shine through, creating an engaging and empowering environment for rookies to learn and grow. They also sprinkle in some behind-the-scenes stories from their own journeys in football, sharing their triumphs and tribulations, and offering words of encouragement to aspiring athletes.

So, whether you're a rookie ready to step onto the gridiron for the first time or a seasoned fan looking to expand your football IQ, join Stacey and Alia on the Women in Gridiron Podcast as they demystify football lingo and prepare rookies for the exhilarating world of preseason. Get ready to break through the line and become fluent in the language of the game!

Note: The Women in Gridiron Podcast is dedicated to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in football. Each episode showcases the experiences, perspectives, and stories of women who have made significant contributions to the sport, inspiring a new generation of athletes and fans.


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