Powerful Parenting While Building an Empire with Stephanie Dove Blake


09-08-2022 • 39 mins

When you're a parent and you're working to build a business, it can be easy to let your priorities get mixed up. But we are here to tell you: it's not just okay—it's necessary—to prioritize your family.

As parents, we have a responsibility to make sure our children grow up well-adjusted and happy, which means making time for them and being present in their lives.

If you're feeling guilty about the time you spend away from your family when you're trying to build an empire, remember that the best thing for your kids is for them to see their parents as hard workers who are doing what they love. If they see that you're putting in the effort because it matters, then they will learn from it too.

So don't feel bad about taking time away from your business!

We believe that building an empire should be fun—and nothing is more fun than spending time with your friends and family!

Join Stephanie Dove Blake as she teaches how to do powerful parenting while building a business empire.

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