From DJ’s to Debunking the Mystery of Gut Health with Founders of The Gut Stuff, Lisa & Alana MacFarlane #45

It Runs In The Family

26-10-2022 • 56 mins

Lisa & Alana MacFarlane are identical mirror twins, have reached dizzying heights as DJs on Love Island and Virgin Radio, and since 2017 have been transforming our relationship with gut health.

It seems like there’s very little that the Co-Founders of The Gut Stuff can’t do when they set their mind to it. Join us on ‘It Runs In The Family’ to discover the unexpected inception of the business, their apparent telepathy, the source of their fearlessness, and why they have regular WhatsApp messages from a ‘Positive Polly’...

This episode covers:

  • ‘The Mac Twins’ journey from Radio 1Xtra to Virgin Radio and Love Island
  • How gut research revealed startling differences in bacteria, despite identical DNA
  • Highlights, challenges, and celebrating the ‘bra-swinging moments’
  • Perspective and fearlessness in the wake of losing a parent young

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