Connection, Care & Creating a Legacy with Waterside Holiday Group’s Miranda & Olivia Jacobs #17

It Runs In The Family

29-09-2021 • 1 hr 6 mins

Key to any team around a family business is a shared appreciation for the values that are inherent to those raised within the bloodline, which makes the rigorous process of hiring a CEO for a family-run brand exponentially more important.

Thankfully, Olivia and Miranda Jacobs - Directors of Waterside Holiday Group, working alongside their sister Claire and mother Judith - have been well-attuned to the values held so dear by their late father. The sense of connection and care from both staff and visitors to the park has been so vital to the warm, welcoming atmosphere at each of their parks.

Joining us on this week’s episode of It Runs In The Family, the duo discuss how they’ve nurtured this long-lasting culture, the steep learning curve that they overcame with the sudden involvement with the business, and the strong sense of pride that’s driven them every step of the way.

This episode covers:

  • Finding top staff that exude your family values
  • The history and progression of Waterside’s parks from their humble beginnings
  • Handling sudden responsibility & a steep learning curve
  • The sense of parental pride that drives so many family businesses, even when they’re no longer with us
  • Carefully creating a noble legacy to hand down

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