Evolving Through The Generations with Farmer Palmers Farm Park’s David Palmer and Sandra Palmer-Snellin #10

It Runs In The Family

23-06-2021 • 1 hr 17 mins

Anyone growing up in and around the Dorset area will be familiar with the magic of Farmer Palmers Farm Park, which has hosted so many eager families, so it’s a real treat to sit down with the family behind the legendary local landmark.

Evolving from a farm to a farm park is a shift that helped put Farmer Palmers on the map, and there’s an illustrious history behind the land inherited by David Palmer and run by Sandra Palmer-Snellin with her brother Phillip.

Being a farmer takes an unparalleled ability to be a master of many professions, and as a farm park they’ve overcome massive hardship from COVID-19 to Foot & Mouth disease and so much in between. Find out on this episode how David, Sandra and Phillip passionately crafted their loving farm and successful attraction.

This episode covers:

  • The often overlooked dangers of farming
  • How farmers have to become multidisciplinary masters
  • Having an almost telepathic connection working with family towards the same goal
  • Farmer Palmers’ biggest hurdles throughout its history
  • The hilarious stories that could have changed the course of the business entirely

Links and references at: https://lizleanpr.co.uk/podcast-runs-in-the-family/