The Legacy Behind Stockton Bury’s Beloved Gardens with Director of Stockton Bury, Tamsin Westhorpe #9

It Runs In The Family

09-06-2021 • 56 mins

The Treasure family has been at Stockton Bury since 1884, and in the generations that followed it evolved from a family farm into a relaxing space which has ranked among The Times’ Top 20 UK Gardens.

By transforming the 4 acres of land into a highly acclaimed haven in their earlier years, Raymond Treasure and Gordon Fenn have handed down an incredible legacy to Raymond’s niece - accomplished writer, and editor at The English Garden, Tamsin Westhorpe.

Now Stockton Bury’s Director, Tamsin joins Liz & Leila to retell the story behind their family’s passion for tending to such a delightful property, the trepidation that came with opening to the public, and commitment to crafting a comforting space for so many passionate visitors.

This episode covers:

  • How Tamsin’s uncle transformed the gardens into the spectacle that they’ve become
  • Adapting to the intimidating prospect of public visitors in a personal space
  • Raymond Treasure’s desire to keep the garden in the family above all else
  • Managing the difficult task of encouraging repeat visitors to the gardens

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