Leading the Green Beauty Revolution with Moo & Yoo’s Suzie & Olivia Gillespie #23

It Runs In The Family

22-12-2021 • 56 mins

Moo & Yoo’s journey stems from a frustration around a lack of sustainable hair care in the industry. Since then, they’ve led the charge towards green beauty, having been featured in salons across the UK, online marketplaces, and only a few weeks ago an exciting, high profile department store…

Their founders, Suzie & Olivia Gillespie, are a mother-daughter duo who have found the perfect balance between their complementary skill sets. They join us on this week’s It Runs In The Family, where we discuss the almost-cataclysmic challenges they faced so early in their journey, the tricky art of keeping work talk away from home life, and their ambitions to head up a more sustainable approach to body care.

This episode covers:

  • Overcoming monumental hurdles in the first months of the business
  • Managing the difficulty of separating home and work life
  • Pairing complementary skills & sharing decision-making
  • How the beauty industry is heading towards more sustainable practices
  • Setting up branding ready for future product ranges

Links and references at: https://lizleanpr.co.uk/podcast-runs-in-the-family/