The Sisterly Strength Behind ‘By Sarah London’s Award-Winning Skincare with Co-Founders Sarah & Lauren Murrell #21

It Runs In The Family

24-11-2021 • 46 mins

So many successful businesses are born through necessity, and for ‘By Sarah London’ that necessity couldn’t be more admirable; Sarah Murrell’s expertise in skincare is matched only by her unwavering devotion to sister & Co-Founder Lauren.

Having been by Lauren’s side throughout her courageous recovery from leukaemia, and being a stem cell donor too, Sarah created a set of skincare products that were gentle to Lauren’s sensitive skin. That expertly-formulated, award-winning range is now showing global promise, with the siblings going from strength to strength together.

This week’s ‘It Runs In The Family’ is a moving ode to Sarah & Lauren’s bravery, resilience and strength, as we discuss their focus on compassion, being transparent about their ingredients, and their global aspirations.

This episode covers:

  • The bond formed through Lauren’s courageous battle with leukaemia, and her sister’s selflessness throughout
  • How Sarah’s skincare expertise fed into creating a skincare range appropriate for sensitive skin
  • Combining the sisters’ creative spark and business vision
  • Cutting through a confusing space with clear messaging and transparent honesty
  • How Sarah & Lauren overcame self-doubt, and help other female founders to do the same

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