Just Keep Writing: Luke Oberholtzer, OpenGate Entertainment Director of Content Acquisition and Development


18-02-2022 • 41 mins

CONTENT IS KING - this statement holds such weight especially in today’s world where, now more than ever, being a content creator can be your actual profession.

Well, content is also quite valuable for OpenGate Entertainment, a company that was established to disrupt the traditional way projects get developed and sold in Hollywood.

And let’s face it, Hollywood is in much need of disruption. The OpenGate Team gets your project in the hands of real buyers leveraging a real team of industry executives, using a real process which is based on data driven decisions that creates Real Results.

In Part One of Three, I sat down to talk to Luke Oberholtzer, the Director of Content Acquisition and Development at OpenGate, about what he and his team do to help those trying to break into the industry, and why writers and creatives should be more targeted and not put all their eggs in one basket.

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