My Secret Weapon to SOLD Out Programs

The Things We Didn't Do

31-10-2023 • 41 mins

This is it!

I am sharing with you my secret weapon to sold out programs.

And I KNOW that sounds like a big claim, but I’ve got the receipts to back that up.

What has been true for my business and what I see to be true for my clients is that the real “secret” to being able to sell out your programs really comes down to THESE 4 strategies that I’m sharing with you today.

Join me to learn:

>> The 4 strategies I’ve used that has enabled me to be fully booked and launch sell-out programs for the last 4.5 years

>> How doing this ONE OPPOSITE thing that most biz experts will tell you to not do to sell out and scale your programs HAS sold out my programs again and again

>> The VERY simple and often forgotten filter I use to make every program decision around that enables my clients to get stand-out results which helps my programs sell out again and again

>> ONE action step you can do right now that will help you understand EXACTLY how to speak about your program so that you start selling out everything you touch

This is a JUICY one!

Tune in to this episode of The Things We Didn’t Do now to learn the action step that I give to almost ALL my clients that will help you understand so much more clearly HOW to speak about your programs.

And don’t forget to DM me on IG to let me know your biggest takeaway from this episode!


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