"There's a lot in the game and in life you can’t control - but you can always control Focus, Attitude, Effort." - Lauren Glenn

Leadership LevelUp

01-02-2023 • 13 mins

How can we stay poised when facing stressful decisions and situations? For Olivet Women’s Basketball Coach Lauren Glenn, it comes down to focusing on what you can control: focus, attitude, and effort.

Having grown up playing basketball, Lauren Glenn cites her coaches, along with her parents, as being pivotal mentors in her youth and early adulthood that helped her grow into the leader she is today. She received her first coaching job from her former high school coach, and received her first position at a 4 year university from another former coach. Coach Glenn discusses her leadership strategies, as well as her focus on guiding her players not just on the court, but in life.

"You mimic and emulate what you saw and then you make it your own as you learn more about yourself and what things fit your belief system and who you are and your strengths as a person."

Tune in to hear more about Coach Glenn’s leadership journey. She discusses leadership frameworks that guide her coaching philosophy as well as citing some of her proudest moments as a leader.


Coach Lauren Glenn currently serves as the Head Women’s Basketball Coach for Olivet Nazarene University. She has been coaching for 16 years, spending 11 of those years at Olivet. Coach Glenn also works as a professor at Olivet, teaching classes on leadership, sports training, as well as directing internships for the Exercise Science Department. She has also worked as a sports trainer and is a member of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

Born In Phoenix, Arizona, in her free time Glenn enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and camping as well as traveling.


Resources Mentioned

“Lead Like It Matters” Craig Groeschel, Book



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