How the Fuck Did You...?

Rebecca Lee

Season 2: How the Fuck Did You Bounce Back? In this season, Los Angeles-based actor/writer Rebecca Lee interviews everyone from her friends in entertainment to strangers she met on the Internet to figure out, well, how the fuck they bounced back from the lowest moments of their lives. As we begin to reintegrate into the word post-lockdown, we’re confronted with the fact that our lives are not the same as they were before 2020. And with that comes the realization that a lot of us have to now relearn, rebuild, and restart. Struggling to do so myself, I wondered how other people have been able to rise from the ashes of crumbled moments throughout their lifetime. Enter: How the Fuck Did You Bounce Back?. Season 1: How the Fuck Did You Get So Confident? Join actress/comedian Rebecca Lee as she tries to improve her self-confidence by interviewing her most confident friends in entertainment, music, art, fitness, and more to figure out how they’ve cultivated this seemingly enigmatic quality, both personally and professionally. read less
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