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Love Fools with Terri Lee-Shield - Episode 18 - The Connection Between Love, Money, Codependancy & God
Love Fools with Terri Lee-Shield - Episode 18 - The Connection Between Love, Money, Codependancy & God
Join Terri Lee-Shield from Love School in episode 18 of Love Fools as she explores the connection between love, money, codependacy & God and why trying to prove yourself to others never works to find love....or money.Love Fools on She Speaks where we explore the universal language of love, loving self, others & everything. In this episode Terri dives deeply into our condtioning to connect love with our ability to meet our needs, the root cause and condtioning of our codependant behaviours. In order to truely experience freedom, abundance and love in our lives we need to become free of the mental slavery that is codependancy. Codependency is the behaviour of externalising our validation, value and affirming our sense of self through other people. We need others to confirm we are worthy, valueable and reciprocate with love, attention, praise or money. This connection between being loved and having our needs met can stem from our very early experiences of infancy, linking our care from our mother, her acceptance of us to our need for the nuturing she provides. This core codpendant link is then transferred to money or relationships with others, partners or authorities as we grow. To become free from the conditioning, is to embody the truth of being a divine expression of life and God in our own right. As we transfer power away from others, an external source of money or a false sense of an external God and bring our power back to ourselves to validate and affirm our value, worth and lovability we heal. Allowing ourselves to experience abundance, freedom and master our creative experience. The only person we need to prove anything to in order to validate our worth, our decency our deserving is ourselves!To learn more about love, relationships & life join us at www.loveschool.ukFind support in your natural, holistic healing journey towards health, wellness and loving relationships.