Hey, Lesson!

Brendan Caldwell

Hey, Lesson! is a show about science, history, language, and other fascinating topics explored through the lens of popular videogames. Every episode features two experts: a guru of games, and an expert from reality. Let's see what we can learn.

Is artificial intelligence going to murder you? (Portal)How does a real Sifu teach Kung Fu? (Sifu)What is worldbuilding? (Elden Ring)Would you quit the city to work on a farm? (Stardew Valley)How does gravity work on a ring world? (Halo Infinite)What's your zombie apocalypse plan? (Back 4 Blood)Is time an illusion? (Deathloop)How did people become a medieval knight? (Chivalry II)What would alien life look like? (Mass Effect)What is zookeeping really like? (Planet Zoo)Why do we love vampires? (Resident Evil Village)How did sailors become pirates? (Sea of Thieves)Why do people like to fight? (Guilty Gear)How do you survive in the arctic? (Subnautica: Below Zero)How do you design a dream home? (The Sims 4)Who invented Chess?How do mediums speak to the dead? (The Medium)Are Japan's Yakuza disappearing? (Yakuza: Like A Dragon)The Trial of the Tomb RaiderCan you escape from Hades?