Alpaca Tribe

Steve Heatherington

The Alpaca Podcast for all things alpaca. Alpaca Tribe is for anyone who feels a connection with alpacas. It is for existing owners, everyone interested in keeping alpacas, people working with alpaca fleece or providing alpaca services, or those who are just alpaca mad. With our guests, we will look at getting into keeping alpacas; making the most of the ones you have got (and enjoying it); ways to use the fleece, not just store it; opportunities to develop business activities relating to alpacas; and growing in your experience, wherever you are starting. Each week we will be talking to people like you and to breeders, vets, producers and professionals. The Alpaca Tribe Podcast is your place for wisdom, guidance and great stories about all things alpaca, from people who know because they have already done it. Join the tribe at read less
What is your favorite time? Mine is alpaca time.
What is your favorite time? Mine is alpaca time.
Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!In this episode, I notice that time runs differently depending on your perspective.Here we have valley time, farm time and of course, alpaca time! You won't be surprised to learn that alpaca time is my favourite. What about you?As the clocks are about to go back, it made me think about the different times we run to. The valley gives a particular perspective and has its own rhythm. How the sun arrives and reveals itself is different to living on the flat or even the top of a hill. As well as the sun coming down in the morning (listen to the podcast for an explanation) we lose the sun earlier in the day. Seasons bring treasures such as the waking up of spring and the settling down to sleep of fall.Farm time is related but different with an emphasis on the production cycle - when the grass starts growing and for how long, the hay season and the jobs that we do each year.Apaca time is slightly different and involves their pace and rhythm. They definitely are hearing a different drum to most of us. Fascinating.My favorite is alpac time - so, if you can, go spend some time with your alpacas, or find some to visit.Enjoy the extra hour and whatever you are able to do with it.SThanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed it.If you would like to be in touch, please contact me by email - - or leave me a voicemail from your browser.Alpaca Tribe is hosted and produced by Steve Heatherington of Good Podcasting Works, which is part of The Waterside (Swansea) Ltd