7. More about why Children and Families should practice mindfulness and meditation.

Happy Little Futures

29-06-2023 • 14 mins

As I went on a bit in last weeks episode I thought I would actually make the point I wanted to in this one!

Why mindfulness and meditation are such an important tool for kids, parents and anyone to have. The benefits you and children can reap from having these skills is incredible, and you can start teaching as soon as they are born.

I reflect on how mindfulness and meditation are making a difference in our family life, as well as in our lives as individuals, and I how practising regularly can make it easier to continue.

If you enjoyed this and want to learn how to bring mindfulness and meditation in to the lives of your kids, why not check out my online course 'Helping Children with Mindfulness, for parents, carers and professionals' which starts 6th July. For pricing and more information drop me a message.

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