High Strangeness

Audible Originals

In this scripted comedy/sci-fi Audible Original, a quick-witted young blogger turned investigator, Cassie (Sophie McShera) travels to the sleepy English countryside, only to discover a paranormal threat beyond humanity’s worst nightmares.

Following a strange event, frustrated British paranormal researcher, Cassie Chambers is thrown together with uptight American, Glen Hedley (Adam James), an agent for a shady government organization. This mis-matched duo soon discover, not only do they have a mystery to uncover, but also they’re humanity’s only defense against malign ultra-terrestrials from a different dimension. With interfering locals, obstructive bosses and a fanatical cult getting in the way, and only Cassie’s best friend Amanda (Mandeep Dhillon) as reliable help, Cassie & Glen must figure out why this unique enemy is here and turn it back before it’s too late - for all of us.

Also starring:

Mandeep Dhillon as Amanda

Amit Shah as Barry

Javone Prince as The Clockmaker

Nina Wadia as The Anchoress

Niky Wardley as Mrs. Hippisley

Kevin Eldon as Mr. Brookes

This original podcast is 8 episodes, please begin with the episode titled Episode 1.

Note: This title contains original composition and fully immersive sound design including binaural elements. In order to enjoy the highest quality audio listening experience, please use headphones. If you choose to download this title, make sure it’s set to “High” under your settings.

This Audible Original was produced by CPL.

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