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#25 New Moon on Monday and Scorpio All Weekend Long
#25 New Moon on Monday and Scorpio All Weekend Long
In this episode I’m talking about Scorpio and our upcoming new moon. I had a few other topics in mind for this episode, but as the words “new moon on Monday” came out of my mouth in a conversation a few days ago, I knew that was going to be a topic for today. I talk about the upcoming energy this weekend and how it might affect you personally by your moon sign.  Spoiler alert – it isn’t great for most of us.If you don’t know your moon sign, you can easily create a free natal (birth) chart online. Some free websites to do that are and cafeastrology.comBefore all the Scorpio talk, I share a fun Halloween experience I had reading tarot at a local trunk or treat and make a few witchy service announcements, including:Update to my website —> You can get to my shop, our community and all the learning resources on Substack from here.  Hopefully this simplifies things going forward.Paid subscriptions —> There are no more course fees for anything!  You can access our community and ALL of the learning resources for $8/month.  Go to or Solstice gift exchange for community members —> Let me know ASAP if you want to participate.  Just comment on the Substack thread or email me lilith@lilithamberly.comNovember Giveaway for community members —> No need to do anything, if you are a paid subscriber, your name is in the hat!Tentative Virtual Winter Descent Journey —> If there’s enough interest.  I’ll send an email out with more details.  Get full access to Witch Life with Lilith Amberly at