After 50: Shades of Gray

Petal Pennycooke

The After 50: Shades of Gray podcast is geared to the voice of women in their second and third act of life; though, like smart men read E.L. James' book, smart men will listen too. The operative word is smart, because if you are, you know it wasn't the whips and chains that caught most of us, it was about the story of love and redemption. Yeah, the tag line is "If it ain't dead, don't bury it". And we ain't. After 50 we lose our filters, we start to seek our authentic self and speak our truth through the lens of our lived experiences. For some of us age is just a number, Younger men? Hell yeah! Physiologically, I have a theory. But it's not just about sex, though it is too, its about relationships, growing, loving, travel, careers, and a host of other things. Some days its just me chatting about life and lots of times its interesting guests. Come along for the ride and lets get this party started! read less
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