Three Things - Episode 85: freedom 55, equations, homework

Three Things from Edmonton

02-09-2022 • 5 mins

Happy end of the week, friends, and thanks for stopping by the Three Things podcast. Isbell has a  line in 24 Frames. What happened to the part of me, the singer sings, that noticed every changing wind? There was a time when I would have heard that line and focussed on the wind. Those were different days. Now, I notice that Isbell testifies that there is part of him that brings what is out in. It is a registering part, a recording studio of some kind. To keep my own noticing equipment from being mothballed, I try to notice three things each week that left behind some happiness or gratitude. This week, a story in three parts:

1. Freedom 55 – how my Physics 10 mark was a big deal.

2. Equations – the enduring appeal of physics

3. Homework – a passing thought on displacement

The music in the podcast is original. It is the work of Edmonton pianist and composer Brendan McGrath. The Hephaestus of Edmonton, the metal artist Slavo Cech, again contributed the end bells.

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