Strange times: the crisis of nightlife culture in the midst of covid-19

Business of Ferrets

18-09-2020 • 25 mins

Scotland's nightlife culture is in crisis. As leading industry figures warn that venues may close with a tsunami of jobs due to Covid-19 restrictions, Ferret journalist Karin Goodwin speaks to DJs, promoters and others working in the nightlife industry about the economic, human and cultural costs. What will survive? And what might re-emerge post pandemic? When might we be able to dance together again? Read more: https://theferret.scot/action-scotland-nightlife-culture-coronavirus/ (https://theferret.scot/action-scotland-nightlife-culture-coronavirus/) Music thanks to:  Soma Records, Avoidant Records, Gaming (for Hobbes Music), R.A.F and James Krautabla Ting https://soma-records.bandcamp.com/ https://hobbesmusicon.bandcamp.com/album/scenes-from-a-deserted-city-lp-digital-download-hm013 https://avoidantrecords.bandcamp.com/ Tracks list:  Slam: 47.40.991 Gaming: Bruised Atonomous: Dialeckt R.A.F: Exit Point Slam: Strange Dayz R.A.F and James Krutabla Ting Gaming: Sodium Orange This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy AdBarker - https://adbarker.com/privacy