Episode 106 - S5E15 - Families

Law and Order: Special Viewing Unit

26-08-2019 • 1 hr 47 mins

On this week's episode hosts Aviv and Matt view and review season 5 episode 15 of SVU - Families!  The guys make light of the jokes flying around Twitter about how this podcast will never end because the show itself seems like it will never end.  They allude to the fact that this episode is a top 5 episode of SVU, or at least the top 3 craziest episode of the show.  Aviv talks about MIB International, which he thought was fine and that everything was in focus.  Aviv gives his thoughts on Toy Story 4, and the guys discuss if some of these sequels should even be made and why they're getting produced.  Aviv has a mini panic attack when he realizes he has to do a 60 second recap of the episode, and Matt zings Aviv for not asking him how his week was.  Matt talks about going to a Rockies game and how distracting it was watching the game while the sun set over the mountains in the background, and the hosts dive into the mailbag.  All this and much more!

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