Doctor Who: Who's He? Podcast #379 Where'd you come from? Where am I going? - Village of The Angels Review

Doctor Who: Who's He? Podcast

23-11-2021 • 55 mins

In this episode of the Who's He? Podcast....

Review - Village of The Angels

This week Phil and Paul look but don't blink at Village of the Angels, chapter 5 of Doctor Who: Flux. With Weeping Angels, an old fashioned base under siege story and one hell of a cliff hanger, there was a lot to like. However, it did lead Phil and Paul to come up with a solution to beat a Weeping Angel that no-one had asked for.

Omega's Feedback Corner

Once again Phil is joined by Scott who reads out listener feedback.

Omega's Stats Corner

Oh no! We've got a touch of the stats again with the overnight viewing figures for Village of the Angels and the consolidate figures for Once, Upon Time.

The News

In this weeks news, we say a sad goodbye to the voice of Axos himself, Bernard Holley and we also say goodbye to the 13th Doctors TARDIS console room.