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The Who's He? Podcast, a monthly Doctor Who review show hosted by Phil Cannon, Paul Connor and Scott Cannon in which they chat about all things Doctor Who including reviews of the latest episodes to hit our screens, along with news, DVD's, books, audio stories and the occasional audio commentary for good measure! read less
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Who's He? Podcast 437 | And curse Sir Walter Raleigh
Who's He? Podcast 437 | And curse Sir Walter Raleigh
In this episode of the Who's He? Podcast..... The News Phil and Paul catch up on the latest news including the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary concert and their thoughts on the new theme tune from Murray Gold. But of course, the big news is that all Doctor Who is finally coming to the BBC iPlayer. However, all is not what it seems as owing to a licensing dispute, An Unearthly Child will not be included! Phil and Paul discuss the furore over this. Review - Voyage to the New World It's Big Finish time! And this time the lads elected to listen to Voyage to the New World, starring Colin Baker as the Doctor and Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter as Jago and Litefoot. This story sees the TARDIS materialize in the past, and the Doctor's companions, Professor Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago, find themselves prisoners of the natives in the New World. But there's something strange here - stranger than even the colonists, led by Englishman John White. What are the ghostly children? And who is the Old Man of Croaton? Phil and Paul remain somewhat confused by this audio play and that's not including whether this is part of the Jago & Litefoot range or the Sixth Doctor range?!? But how does the Jago & Litefoot double act hold up in this story set during the colonisation of America? You can find us on Twitter and Facebook and you can subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, Google Podcasts plus many other podcatchers and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. #doctorwho #bigfinish