Doctor Who: Who's He? Podcast

Phil Cannon & Paul Connor

The Who's He? Podcast, a monthly Doctor Who review show hosted by Phil Cannon and Paul Connor in which they chat about all things Doctor Who including reviews of the latest episodes to hit our screens, along with news, DVD's, books, audio stories and the occasional audio commentary for good measure!
Doctor Who: Who's He? Podcast #382 It puts migraines in our noggins - The Vanquishers ReviewDoctor Who: Who's He? Podcast #381 'Cause a lot of time has gone - Survivors of The Flux ReviewDoctor Who: Who's He? Podcast #380 I'm glad it's your birthdayDoctor Who: Who's He? Podcast #379 Where'd you come from? Where am I going? - Village of The Angels ReviewWho's He? Podcast #378 This is the time, this is the place - Once, Upon Time ReviewWho's He? Podcast #377 Down the valley on their horses they thundered - War of the Sontarans ReviewWho's He? Podcast #376 I don't want a bunny or a kitty - The Halloween Apocalypse ReviewWho's He? Podcast #375 Earthshock Episode 4 - Commentary Special ft. Paul HeathWho's He? Podcast #374 Meet the new boss, same as the old bossWho's He? Podcast #373 Ave ave Dominus - Vampire of the Mind ReviewWho's He? Podcast #372 We must always talk politely - The Sensorites ReviewWho's He? Podcast #371 The girl who wants to run away - Ravagers ReviewWho's He? Podcast #370 Commentary Special - Remembrance of the Daleks Ep.4 with Toby HadokeWho's He? Podcast #369 Then as it was, again it will be - The Sirens of Time ReviewWho's He? Podcast #368 Commentary Special - Time and The Rani  Episode 1 with Bob FlemingWho's He? Podcast #367 Commentary Special - Survival Episode 3 with Martyn HavellWho's He? Podcast #366 Domination's the name of the game - Terror of the Autons ReviewWho's He? Podcast #365 Commentary Special - Robots of Death Episode 1 with Suky KhakhWho's He? Podcast #364 Should auld acquaintance be forgot - Revolution of the Daleks ReviewWho's He? Podcast #363 The Keys of Marinus Audio Commentary with Hamilton Prickwillow