#7 | Whitney Sewell - Building a Leading Social Media Platform

Multifamily Rock Stars

21-04-2020 • 42 mins

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Whitney Sewell to talk about how he built a powerhouse social media platform – one of the most popular daily real estate podcasts with over 540 episodes and 50k downloads. Listen to this episode to hear a behind the scenes view on how Whitney launched his podcast, what he looks for in multifamily opportunities, his passion for helping others and his “don’t tell me you can’t do it” approach to managing a full time job and a full time real estate career.

Background on Whitney
Whitney is the host of The Real Estate Syndication Show, a daily podcast that has been hugely inspirational for many real estate investors.  He is also the founder of Life Bridge Capital and has 450 doors under management or roughly $50 million in assets.

Whitney is passionate about adoption. He and his wife, Chelsea, have three adopted children and he gives 50% of his profits to adoption. He is a veteran of the Army National Guard and spent 2005 deployed in Iraq. He was awarded the Soldier of the year for his duty to our country.

To get in touch with Whitney, please visit www.lifebridgecapital.com
To get in touch with Ryan, please visit www.lifechangingcapital.com