TKS (the kinshuk show) Season 1

Kinshuk Arora

Welcome to my first podcast , I hope you enjoy listening to it!

As an IT professional, it is vital to stay on top of trends that keep your skills fresh and relevant. Conferences and books are traditional ways of doing this, but podcasts are a new and increasingly popular way to sharpen your knowledge.

Podcasts mean you can stay up-to-the-minute with the IT industry—without traveling or taking up valuable time. Podcasts are perfect for passive learning, like when you’re commuting, exercising, or cleaning the house. To help you navigate the many, many podcast choices out there, we put together this list of IT-minded podcasts, aimed at IT professionals of all stripes and experience. This article is part of our Tech Books & Talks Guide. Explore the menu to the right for more recommendations on digital transformation, AI and ML, governance, and more.

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