Shoebag!! Next Big Makers? How Should Handsewns Fit?? Is the Thunderdome Too Commercial??? And More!

The Stitchdown Shoecast

09-08-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Ben and Ticho are back to tear open the Shoebag once more to answer probing listener questions such as: how should handsewns fit when they're NEW? What's the best approach to trying out new makers on the scene—and who should you keep eyes open for short-term? What are you doing wrong with (get this)... shoe bags?? Are we nearing a great-boots bubble? And is it Warren Buffett's fault???

Also: wildly divergent opinions on chukka boots! And Ticho teaches you how to "pop a door". This was a fun one.


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Theme Music: The Road by Punk Rock Opera