41: Carl Jung & Alchemy • Part III: Magnum Opus

Creative Codex

31-08-2023 • 1 hr 14 mins

Join me for a journey back to a time when alchemy was revered by Kings & Queens and practiced in the courts of nobles. A time when Prague was the alchemical capital of the world–drawing occultists to it from all of Europe, and ruled by a King who supported esoteric spiritual practices. Along the way we will find direct parallels between Jung's Red Book and the work of the alchemists, leading us to Jung's most misunderstood psychotherapeutic method: active imagination.

We will also explore these questions: What can a two hundred year old Grimm's fairy tale teach us about alchemy? What value did Dr. Carl Jung see in fairy tales? Why is a scholarly mind one of alchemy's virtues? Is Hermes-Mercurius the God of Alchemy?


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Prague's historic alchemical laboratory, Speculum Alchimiae: http://www.alchemiae.cz/en


Cover art: detail of a Ripley Scroll (1600's)

Christies auction house video about a Ripley Scroll: https://www.christies.com/features/The-fantastic-world-of-the-Ripley-Scroll-8760-3.aspx


Research Sources:

• The Red Book by Carl Jung

• Psychology and Alchemy by Carl Jung

• Alchemical Studies by Carl Jung

• Mysterium Coniunctionis by Carl Jung

• Alchemical Active Imagination by Marie Louise von Franz

• Alchemical Imagination by Jeffrey Raff

• Atalanta Fugies by Michael Maier

• Spagyrics by Jean Dubuis


Audio Editor: Donald Martin

All Music by MJDorian

Written & Produced by MJDorian


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Executive Producer: Mike Hill


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