Guided Meditation: Intuition Mapping

Creative Codex

28-06-2022 • 22 mins

This is a Guided Meditation episode about one of the most perplexing aspects of creativity: Intuition. What is it and how do we engage it more effectively?

This meditation is based on a technique I've been developing called: Intuition Mapping. Grab a cup of coffee / tea, and give this guided meditation a test drive to see what compulsions are pushing and pulling you.

Some helpful notes:

• Motivations push you. Intentions direct you. Intuitions pull you.

• To find your motivations ask: what is pushing you?

• To find your intentions ask: what are you pushing yourself toward?

• To find your intuitions ask: what is pulling you? What is gently tugging at the fabric of your being?

• Intuitions often feel like something is pulling your neural network toward a certain direction, it’s a feeling to move in a certain direction. One which you often can’t always explain with logic.


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Cover Art: Hesiod & The Muse (1891) by Gustave Moreau


Written & Produced by MJDorian.

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