Are You Letting Your Clients Slip Away? 12 Tips to Keep in Touch.

The KAM Club Podcast

16-11-2022 • 20 mins

Keeping in touch with your clients is vital to maintain an active and mutually beneficial relationship. But when you're busy, it’s so easy for things to fall through the cracks and create a contact gap that could lead to your client drifting away and negatively impact your business If you’re struggling with staying in touch with your clients, keep on listening because I'm about to share some ideas on how to build an effective contact plan. LINKS MENTIONED DotCal. The appointment scheduling tool I use. Click here to get 50% off your first 6 months. GetDex. Personal CRM that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn Airtable. Free tools that's a cross between a database and a worksheet. Great tool to manage contact plans and relationship maps, including automations.  Salesmate. The CRM I use to grow my business. Excellent value and includes things like telephony, templates, automations and sequences.  Microsoft Teams. Excellent knowledge management and collaboration tool, with the ability to invite external people into your channels. Notion. My knowledge management tool of choice. Everything in my business lives inside Notion. Taskade. A fantastic project and knowledge management tool. It's free, simple and perfect for the busy key account manager. ClickUp. This is the project management tool that drives my business and all my client projects. Can't live without it. Slack Connect. Invite clients to your slack channels. Essential option for communication if you have clients who live inside Slack. RESOURCES The KAM Club podcast is dedicated to helping busy key account managers get one step ahead. Listen for news, trends, tips, best practices and advice on how to have a successful career in key account management. Be sure to follow @thekamclub on social and check out our website Want some KAM swag? We've got T-shirts, coffee mugs and more. Check it out here. The KAM Club Newsletter. Sign up to never miss an episode. Visit Episode show notes. Read the detailed notes and get links everything mentioned in the show. Visit The KAM Club. Learn more about the world's greatest community of key account managers from around the globe. The KAM Club on Telegram. Don't miss a thing. Subscribe on Telegram to find out when new podcast episodes, videos, blog posts and workshops are released. --- Send in a voice message: