The Biotech Podcast

Harry B Houston

Welcome to the biotech podcast where we talk to the leading scientists in the world about their work, their lives and fundamental questions concerning their field.

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Trailer - The Biotech Podcast
Trailer - The Biotech Podcast#1 - Dr Leroy Hood: 21st Century Medicine, The Human Genome Project and Systems Biology#2 - Professor Keith Downing - Emergent Intelligence, Evolutionary Algorithms and Computational Neuroscience#3 - Professor Lee Cronin - Inorganic life, 'Chemputers' and Evolution#4 - Dr Peter Clark: The Turing Test, Artificial Intelligence and the Aristo Project#5 Professor Alison Woollard - Mutants, Darwin and Genetic Engineering#6 - Dr Bruce Alberts: Scientific education, DNA replication and Watson and Crick#7 - Dr Josh Starmer: Bioinformatics, StatQuest, and Education#8 - Professor Greg Gibson - The Kerplunk Model, Covid Testing and Scientific Publication#9 - Professor Bob Langer - Vaccines, Nanotech and Transforming Medicine#10 - Dr Rattan Lal - Using soil to combat climate change#11 - Professor Peter Hammond - Carbon Capture and Fertilisers#12 - Dr Laura Jackisch on the Future of Lab-Grown Meat#13 - Dr Jason Moore on Automated Machine Learning#14 - Dr Giovanni Traverso on Ingestible Medicine#15 - Dr Yoav Freund on Intelligence Amplification in Healthcare#16 - Dr Wolfgang Busch - Getting to the Root of Roots#17 - Professor Jim Collins on Synthetic Biology#18 - Dr Risto Miikkulainen on Evolutionary Computation#19 - Dr Andrei Lupas on Proteins