Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast with Jonathan Green! In this solo episode, Jonathan returns to the classic format of the show, focusing on the strategic use of Artificial Intelligence in business and personal projects. He shares his insights on how to avoid unnecessary costs and make the most of AI tools.

In this episode, Jonathan discusses the challenges and misconceptions surrounding AI tools in the market. He emphasizes the importance of selecting the right tools that offer value without breaking the bank. Jonathan walks through his personal tech stack, explaining his choices and the cost-effectiveness of each tool. He covers various aspects, from email hosting and audience management to AI-driven content creation and editing.

Notable Quotes:

  • "It's about efficiency and making the most out of the tools you use without overspending." - [Jonathan Green]
  • "It's easier to save $20 a month than it is to make an extra $20 a month." - [Jonathan Green]
  • "Taking control of your email list and audience is crucial in this rapidly evolving digital landscape." - [Jonathan Green]
  • "Every tool in your tech stack should offer maximum results for minimal cost." - [Jonathan Green]

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