043 | Plumber Tales and Tyson Louis | No Excuses!

Trade Legends

12-11-2023 • 50 mins

Tyson @fairwayplumbing and Pete @plumbertales8772 , both plumbers by trade, come from diverse backgrounds but share a common passion for encouraging others to pursue their dreams. Tyson's journey into plumbing began as an unexpected twist, transitioning from carpentry into the world of pipes and fixtures through his brother-in-law's guidance. Raised in a council estate, he observed racial challenges within the construction industry but chose to rise above them, urging others not to be deterred by obstacles and to push through with determination. Pete, on the other hand, dabbled in various jobs during his youth, but his decision to become a plumber was motivated by a desire to follow his heart. Raised by visually impaired parents, he ventured into social media and discovered his talent for comedy and funny content creation. He explored stand-up comedy and even took acting classes, all while encouraging others to chase their passions fearlessly. Guests this week: Pete and Tyson 🔨 Proudly Sponsored by CT1 | www.ct1.com ⭐ Supported by Tradify | https://tradifyhq.com/ 🏷️ Save on over 50 Trade Brands | https://tradelegends.uk/discounts/

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