Real World Serverless with theburningmonk

Yan Cui

A podcast where we talk about real-world use of Serverless technologies from engineers who work with them day-to-day. We will discuss use cases, why they chose serverless and the pain points and challenges they face. If you want to know what it's REALLY like to work with serverless, this is the show for you.
#57: Serverless at Purple Technology with Filip Pyrek#56: Serverless at TacoBell with Robbie Kohler#55: Serverless at Theodo with Ben Ellerby#54: Serverless testing with Paul Swail#53: Fighting DDOS at Fathom with Jack Ellis#52: Talking DynamoDB with Alex DeBrie#51: Real-world serverless at Amplyfi with Liam Betsworth#50: Making serverless more accessible for frontend engineers with Swizec Teller#49: Making DynamoDB more accessible with Rafal Wilinski#48: Serverless at scale at Prosieben TV with Daniele Frasca#47: Building an Instagram for DJs with FaunaDB with Keston Crandall#46: Serverless at Polestar with Anders Quist#45: Real-World Serverless with Nick van Hoof#44: Real-World Serverless with Ryan Jones#43: Real-World Serverless with Ant Stanley (part 2)#42: Real-World Serverless with Ant Stanley (part 1)#41: The future of JVM on Lambda with Vadym Kazulkin#40: Serverless at Space Ape Games with Louis McCormack#39: Fighting COVID with serverless with Denis Bauer#38: Serverless in the Enterprise with Mike Roberts