How She Builds an Anti-Hustle Culture Business with Jadah Sellner

Finding Fearless

19-07-2023 • 56 mins

Running your own business can be a long and lonely road. As you reach out for community, you may be flooded by posts talking about “hustle culture”, “always earning”, and other popular philosophies around working that glamorize working yourself into the ground.

As enticing as it can be to surround yourself with this kind of messaging, it’s not a lifestyle that fits everyone. Burnout, anxiety and other mental health issues are more prevalent among young entrepreneurs now than ever before, and the impact of depriving yourself of rest can be devastating. So how do you keep the balance between profit and personal self?

In today’s episode, we are joined by best-selling author, business mentor, host of the Lead with Love® Podcast, and sought after international keynote and TEDx speaker Jadah Sellner. Combining her own encompassing experiences of starting a business with her passion for founders succeeding in all aspects of their life, Jadah helps founders grow their businesses to the next level without sacrificing what matters most.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Creating a support system, inclusive of coaches and mentors
  • The importance of slowing down and investing in rest to avoid burnout
  • Celebrating oneself and reflecting on what is working/not working in your business
  • Building your business with love

And much, much, more!

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She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life

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