Ep. 139 - Saoud Khalifah: Using AI to Detect Fake Online Reviews

Beat the Often Path

31-01-2023 • 54 mins

Saoud Khalifah is CEO, CTO & Founderof Fakespot, a tool that seeks to eliminate fraud and fake reviews in ecommerce.

Have you ever tried to buy a supplement online with thousands of 5-star reviews only to find out that it’s actually sawdust capsules? That’s exactly what happened to Saoud, and this experience led him to understand that online reviews cannot and should not be trusted.

Between bots, paid fake reviews, and influencers, it’s harder than ever to trust what you read online. Often there are money dynamics at play that influence every facet of online discourse. Well Fakespot is a free extension and phone app that uses AI to analyze millions of reviews and detect fraudulent reviews, meaning it helps you make purchases more confidently online.

Fakespot seeks to bring trust to the internet, and he’s raised over 5 million dollars for his company, which is already being used by nearly 6 million users today around the globe.

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