Gaining Advantage 026: Accessibility in Tabletop Gaming: Tips and Strategies for Inclusion with @tahina_andale

Gaining Advantage

21-04-2023 • 42 mins

This month, we talk to Tahina Andale, co-host of Dicecourse, about accessibility and avoiding ableism in tabletop roleplaying games. Tahina shares her experience as a disabled woman and provides tips on accommodating different accessibility needs. She emphasizes the importance of representation and encourages listeners to be more empathetic and respectful of others' needs. 0:00 Introduction: Limitless Champions Preview10:50 Interview: Tahina Andale, co-host of Dicecourse39:22 Patreon Showcase & closing Manually captioned. Transcript available at our website. Tahina Andale Links DiceCourse Podcast: Wyrmworks Publishing Limitless Champions:  The Lair:  Wyrmworks Publishing:

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