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“48 Hours” uncovers the narrative behind crime and justice cases that have left a lasting mark on society. Award-winning CBS News correspondents thoughtfully examine the complexities of each crime by transporting you to the heart of the investigation through key evidence and gripping interviews with critical figures from the case. The unmatched reporting has made a tangible difference in countless lives, leading to the exoneration of wrongly convicted individuals and the reopening — and resolution — of previously closed cold cases.

Listen to a new “48 Hours” episode every Sunday and then go deeper into the case on Tuesdays with the immersive “Post Mortem” series — producers and correspondents join host Anne-Marie Green to discuss key evidence, dead ends, mishaps, and stranger-than-fiction twists they faced in the field. Plus, every Thursday, we’ll revisit a classic “48 Hours” episode.

Watch “48 Hours” Saturdays 10/9c on CBS and Paramount+.

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Our Editor's Take

Fans of 48 Hours, the CBS true crime TV show, may enjoy the 48 Hours podcast. These episodes coincide with the weekly program. Produced by Jonathan Vigliotti, CBS News correspondents narrate stories of crime and punishment.

The 48 Hours podcast showcases investigative journalism at its finest. Episodes talk about true crime disappearances and gruesome murders. Others discuss unsolved cases and tales of deceit. The audience can listen to their favorite show when they can't watch it. Every episode draws listeners into the lives of victims and villains alike.

Some incidents may seem like accidents at first, but are they? "Death on Safari" is one such story. Contributor Debora Patta investigates the shooting death of a woman during a safari. Was Bianca Rudolph's death accidental, or was it premeditated murder? Other cases on the 48 Hours podcast are even more baffling. Correspondent Peter Van Sant guides listeners through "The Strange Death of Professor Shockley." In this episode, a respected professor dies with two friends present. What happened? Podcast listeners will find out.

Some podcast episodes feature well-known mysteries like the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. In another episode, they showcase the life, disappearance, and death of Gabby Petito. 48 Hours examines Gabby's last days to see if there were warning signs that could have saved her life in "Gabby Petito: The Untold Story." In "The Murdaugh Mysteries," the podcast talks about the latest developments in the Murdaugh family murders. Other episodes examine coverups, such as the disappearance of Gretchen Anthony. This mother disappeared, and texts revealed she had COVID-19. Did someone use the coronavirus to hide a murder?

The 48 Hours podcast is for fans of the acclaimed TV show of the same title. Listeners can enjoy the mysteries and intrigues the program offers in podcast form. True crime lovers may find the podcast's investigative reporting quite compelling.

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