Eurovision, The Bare Minimum Down Under, and The Joy of España! ( W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Marco Dreijer)

Whispering Huntys

07-06-2021 • 1 hr 36 mins

Hola Huntys!!! While Down Under has still been blessing us with drama, Drag Race Espana is in the house! Supreme, Ana, The Javiers, and these queens! Who knew that this was the season we’ve all been waiting for!!!!!! To take on the task of all of this Drag Race we could only bring an absolute expert, so we called upon the talents of friend-of-pod Marco Dreijer of Ding-a-Dong podcast and Pruikentijd, the definitive Dutch Language Drag Race Podcast! Since Marco and friend of the pod GJ Koijman were on the ground at Eurovision we dive deep into all the drama! James Newman’s snub by the jury. That hot Spanish singer that, the French dominance of Voila and Tout L’Universe. Annoying key changes. Ukraine’s calling spring. Italy surprise win that Marco predicted. Daði Freyr. We also learn how Marco and GJ have been setting up a Dutch podcasting empire. Hosting the Drag Race Holland Reunion! Also, we learn about his favorite Wednesday spot in Amsterdam, Taboo. Also, NYC queer spaces have made a consolidated move to only serve vaccinated people! Normal life is also back! Now for Drag Race: Why is everyone underestimating Kita Mean? Can the cocky queens calm down? What is holding Karen From Finance back? Maxi’s lack of a game face. The longest underwear mini-challenge ever. Thank you! Can we bring back “Oh, Pit Crew”!? Also, more Pit Crew diversity, please. Do wins mean anything right now? Drag Race España! Supremme De Luxe is just so lovely and classy. So happy for the trans and nonbinary inclusion. Ana Locking is legit fashion queen. The Javiers are so sweet and sexy. Also, the fashion! Literally everything is so creative. This is finally a queer Drag Race. Did anyone actually understand how to pronounce Farela? Isn’t Hugáceo Crujiente just so sweet, different, fabulous How tall is Drag Volcano? Are any of the other contestants over 5’2”? Get into this kiki about RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under Season 1 Episode 6: "Family Resemblance” and Drag Race España Season 1 Episode 1: "¡Bienvenidas a España!" About our guest: Marco Dreijer is an Amsterdam-based arts and culture influencer and intersectional body positivity activist who focuses on the male and queer experience. He vlogs in the newest exhibitions writes reviews about new theater shows and movies and highlights new and upcoming artists en creators. His mission is to make art and culture as a whole less elitist and more accessible to a larger and more inclusive audience so more young people and a more bicultural audience can appreciate theaters and/or museums. As a body positivity activist, he tries to attack the fatphobia in the queer community, and with the project #DatMeenJeNiet (You got to be kidding’ me) he fights discrimination and racism at online platforms. Next to that he also is the producer and host of two podcasts; one about Eurovision Song contest (and soon about the American song contest) - Ding-a-Dong podcast and the other one about Rupaul’s Drag Race - Pruikentijd (Wigtime). FOLLOW MARCO DREIJER FOLLOW NICK FOLLOW MIJON FOLLOW THE HUNTYS Whispering Huntys is an Apocalypse Podcast Network Podcast. Sign up to our Listserv: