Creativity As A Process - Finding Your Identity: Jaqee


30-12-2020 • 42 mins

Celebrating hair, aesthetics, identity and the sound from Uganda and the diaspora. Jaqee is an internationally celebrated recording artist, with a singing voice gentle, soulful and clear as glass, and a bold afrocentric persona. She’s also known for her raw unadulterated natural hairstyles carefully considered in line with her artistry, such as styles that represent crowns. Her talent and passion for her artistry over the years has led her to really own her authentic space within the creative sphere, which many can learn from and be inspired by. In the challenging year of 2020, Jaqee’s optimistic perspective of the time and space provided to ‘create’ has us excited about her album releasing at the end of this year. Musing over fashion, Jaqee concludes that it’s as a way of expression, identity, courage, stepping out of the box and most importantly, “Fashion is energy!”

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