Economics of Immigration, AI Jobs, Bring Back Math

Lost Debate

04-04-2024 • 52 mins

In this episode, Ravi welcomes Noah Smith from Noahpinion. They kick off the show by discussing the economic, political, and cultural challenges of today’s immigration realities, covering topics from how immigrants impact U.S. wages to whether there are ties between immigration and rising crime rates. Will AI save us? Noah and Ravi debate the potential effects of AI on the workforce and discuss the role of comparative advantage in determining AI's ultimate impact on the world. Finally, they tackle the importance of math education in narrowing educational gaps and promoting equity, particularly for disadvantaged students, and how the continued devaluation of the teaching profession has affected education as a whole. Timestamps: Economics of Immigration - 0:01 AI Jobs - 32:45 Bring Back Math - 41:23 Leave us a voicemail with your thoughts on the show! 321-200-0570 Subscribe to our feed on Spotify: Subscribe to our Substack: Follow The Branch on Instagram: Follow The Branch on TikTok: Follow The Branch on Twitter: The Branch website: Lost Debate is also available on the following platforms:  Apple: Google:  iHeart: Amazon Music: