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Supergreat Kids' Stories is a collection of fun tales to make you laugh and cry, told by some of the best storytellers from around the world. Recommended for ages 5 to 105… Buy a colouring book HERE or a T Shirt HERE read less

Our Editor's Take

Kids know that storytime is the best. Super Great Kids' Stories is a fun storytelling podcast for children. Episodes bring stories of all kinds to life, from fairytale retellings to folk tales. After a long day at school or even during breakfast, both kids and parents can enjoy this podcast.

With narrative voices from across the world, this podcast showcases extraordinary traditional storytelling. Special guests include comedian Tiernan Douieb, storyteller Kate Corkery, and more. The show has both excellent narration and engaging storylines. So the Super Great Kids' Stories podcast has gained a loyal following. Listeners love the fascinating characters and magical creatures the series brings to life. Fans rave about the range of character voices from some of the best storytellers around.

These stories are silly, educational, and spooky. Listeners should watch out for the spooky alert in the description! Storytime is a great opportunity to learn valuable life lessons. With diverse characters, kids learn the power of kindness, teamwork, and bravery. No matter the season, there's a podcast story fitting for the mood. Chris Bostock, a storyteller from England, narrates a great story about a bird who seeks shelter in an evergreen tree for the winter. "Aadi and the Zimwi" is set off the coast of Tanzania on a beachy island called Zanzibar. From sunny days to long nights, these stories will provide endless entertainment.

Children across the world can find traditional stories from their homelands. Whether from South Africa or the Caribbean, this podcast offers a range of storytelling cultures. Podcast fans will meet Henny Penny from England and The Silly Hare from India. These retellings of regional tales are fun for all. Fans of Super Great Kids' Stories enjoy the range of choices this podcast offers.

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